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Welcome to the fraternity SHANGHAI YUAI METALLURGICAL MATERIALS CO.,LTD, we will provide you with the best quality service!
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Low Nitrogen Carbon Raiser
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Registered office:Room 521, No.6 Pangu Road,    Baoshan district, Shanghai, China, 201900
About YUAI

SHANGHAI YUAI METALLURGICAL MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is majorly running and operating Carbon Raiser (Pitch Coke, Calcined Petroleum Coke and Anthracite), Low Nitrogen Carbon Raiser, and Brake Pad Making Material. Company is the long term supplier of major domestic carbon plants, steel plants and foundries. YUAI also have cooperations with big plants abroad for decades.

YUAI also supplies huge amount of high quality Carbon Raiser and graphite Carbon Raiser to steel plants, foundries and ferrotungsten plants. YUAI has been assigned by BAO STEEL as the only organization for processing pitch coke for export purpose. The group’s major products are constantly exported to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, South East Asia countries, Europe and America, which receive praises by our consumers.

The group has invested numbers of calcinators in Anhui China to ensure the capability of producing and processing huge amount of Carbon Raiser. Further investment is on process. According to the orders from customers, YUAI is able to processing and providing different specifications of Carbon Raiser and other products. To provide best quality of products and to offer customers most satisfied service is YUAI’s operating objectives.
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